XD Series Curing Module

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With a slim form factor that fits onto presses and other equipment with little space to spare, the XD Series curing module is a resilient, affordable option for adding UV-LED curing to your equipment. Built to withstand rugged industrial use, the XD Series can be used for screen curing and to cure varnishes on wood, as well as in the printing industry.

  • slim profile that fits into tight spaces

  • ideal for half-size and small SFO (sheetfed offset) commercial printing presses

  • can be used for commercial screen curing applications where wide, seamless (not daisy-chained) curing is needed

  • lower-cost option that still delivers high-power curing intensities

What is an LED UV Retrofit?

Ultraviolet Wavelengths : 340nm, 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm
Module Width : Up to 1m (40") wide
Peak Irradiance : Up to 25W/cm²
LED UV Retrofit powered by AMS Spectral UV
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