Super Blue 2 LT - MO - HE261TT2SC

Stock Code: SBLTHMO1

All the features of a SUPER BLUE 2 system in a fully integrated, disposable kit designed for today's high quality and fast paced demands.

No more net adjustments. No more net replacements. The Super Blue 2 LT "Less Time" anti-marking, anti-static system incorporates the StripeNet anti-marking net and the base cover into a single integrated piece. Simply remove and replace when needed.

No more wasted down time washing your anti-marking system. The Super Blue 2 LT system is 100% never-wash. Just take off the old one and put on a new one.

No more spray adhesives. No more messy installation procedures. Simply peel the backing off the specially formulated tape and stick it to your clean cylinder. And when it's time, it comes off without leaving that sticky residue behind.

LED UV Retrofit powered by AMS Spectral UV
Blue Glass film and jackets from PRI
EasyCling Static Polyproylene Film
ICP Film blue
LMC Jackets for Transfer and Impression Cylinder
William B Ruddow Inc Suckers
Super Blue 2 Anti-Marking Nets from PRI
Super ICP green

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