XP Series Curing Module


The XP Series is the go-to LED-UV curing system for commercial sheetfed offset printing and a host of other applications that require a rugged, resilient curing module. Built using quality materials and the world's most powerful LED chips, the XP Series is designed to withstand nonstop use in tough conditions and high-productivity printing environments.

The AMS XP7 (for medium speed presses) and XP9 (for high speed presses) Series LED UV Curing Lamps are what enable the breakaway results with UV LED printing and curing in sheetfed offset. A common system configuration consists of 1-2 LED lamps, typically mounted at the end of the press at an Interdeck location pre-coater, or in the Upsweep delivery location post-coater. Because the lamps are completely interchangeable, they allow total job flexibility without sacrificing printing options. Need to cure opaque white after unit two? Just add another LED module.


  • industrial-strength water and electrical connections
  • patented liquid-based cooling system to maintain temperature integrity
  • seamless form factor can be built to wide widths
  • upgradeable and replaceable LED chips
  • patented Peak Optics make it possible to position the module at varied distances from the media, up to 6 ins. away, while still achieving a secure cure
  • universal t-slot mounting rails make the unit easily integrated into a variety of machinery

Technical Spec:
WAVELENGTHS: 340nm, 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, Multiwave (blended) options available

PEAK IRRADIANCE: up to 32W/cm²

WIDTHS: can be built as wide as 3.2 meters (126")

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